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The Negatives

The Negatives One gram a day, more or less, depending on availability, or how much I sold to people I had once called friends. One gram a day was sufficient. It was enough to get me through the night shifts, … Continue reading

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  1974 (2007) Bleak, standard mills, the grey skies of Yorkshire Thanks for that. A slap on the back And that’s that Welcome to the pecking order Handing over, one to another Father, mother Happy, Not Happy (2011) I wake … Continue reading

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Because you couldn’t see very well in the dimly lit room it was difficult to make out an object from a distance. At first glance something in the room could take on another form. And then you would focus on … Continue reading

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The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project

  “The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project.” “Yeah, I saw that. What you do think they do in there?” “Rehabilitate gibbons.” “What’s wrong with the gibbons?” “Maybe they fell out of a tree.” “Or they have a drug problem.” “I did once … Continue reading

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An Illustrated Guide to a Possible Future by James Austin Farrell

If the world doesn’t end December 21st 2012 we will have to get on with our lives. Some interpretations of the Mayan calendar have said ‘the end’ means not destruction in a literal sense, but in a figurative sense, meaning … Continue reading

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Handsome Men*Invisible Women

♦ Image If you ever felt a pang of shame at the cinema in Thailand when you heard such words as ‘she’s as loose as a Bangkok whore’, or a similar defamatory witticism in reference to Thailand’s bawdy image, you … Continue reading

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Robbie Fowler Interview

                                                                                                                                                               In terms of global recognisability, Robbie Fowler is arguably the most well known expat working in Thailand today. The ex-Liverpool and England football prodigy who, during his days at Anfield was known by … Continue reading

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